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Half moon

A set of rhythmic pieces, together with a set of lyrical melodies and cool harmonies. Nostalgic,romantic, blues, stomping! These colourful pieces are beautifully written for the guitar and are a delight to play!


"It's lovely to have this new collection of pieces from Peter Nuttall. His music is so good for beginner and intermediate players because it is always so musical and interesting...."


"...all are wonderful pieces to give your students (if you teach) or to just enjoy yourself. This book is a must for all lovers of good guitar music."                                  Classical guitar magazine

Difficulty Level - Grade 3-4                       Price - £6.00


First Performance Pieces

Now a well-established volume of pieces for the early player. A variety of styles are used in these ten very popular pieces...including blues, of course!

Anyone familiar with other Nuttall albums will already know that he has a talent for writing attractive easy works, and they will not be disappointed with this volume...Can be safely recommended for both value and for playing pleasure of guitarists at this level.”

Difficulty Level - Grade 2                             Price - £6.00


Difficulty Level - Grade 3                               Price - £6.00


Moods 'n' Blues

Cool, atmospheric, melodic pieces - classical, blues, spanish -all easily accessible both musically and technically.

“I can think of precious few writers who can take such simple material, with its easygoing harmonies, and create such delightful little gems.”

The Enchanted Forest

A beguiling and technically straightforward tremolo melody...The perfect introductory piece for all those who want to play classical tremolo. Left-Hand technique easily within grade 4 level.

“Here is an opportunity which students and their teachers shouldn’t miss. It’s unpretentious and charming, written by someone who knows what he’s doing.  Thoroughly recommended”.

Difficulty Level - Grade 4-5                             Price - £3.00


Eos - new 2020.jpg

Eight Original Solos

A newly edited and updated (2020) version of this popular volume.

Lyrical, melodic   and rhythmic pieces.

A perfect companion volume to the well-loved “Twelve Inventions”.

“I do believe that Peter Nuttall is one of the best composers around for the early player.”

Difficulty Level - Grade 3-4                             Price - £6.00


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