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 “Thank you for those lovely ensemble pieces.
This has given some of my students a new lease of life in guitar playing... ”
​Flexi-Duets Vols 1-3

A very popular series of tuneful guitar duets which can be instantly expanded into trios or quartets by including the optional Alto and Bass parts.

“Fantastic teaching material.... wonderful melodies...The Flexiduets and Primary suites are a teacher’s dream. They work well with large of small groups (of any age!) , they provide a great range of concert material, and even the very beginner is catered for.

A MUST for teachers preparing school groups with varying standards of ability.”

Difficulty Level - Grade 1-3                         Price - £7.00
                                                                      ​each volume


Primary Suites 1 & 2

Similar in format to the well-loved Flexi-duets, these simpler pieces provide ideal ensemble material for almost any student performance situation.

Very easy attractive melodies (accessible even to elementary students), stylish and simple accompaniments, and easy optional parts for alto and bass.

“Very highly recommended for the primary age group, but older beginners also benefit and develop fluency with this material. Excellent.”

Difficulty Level - Elementary: Grade 1              Price - £7.00

​                                                                                                 ​each volume

Two Together

A new volume of easy / intermediate duets. The melody line can also be played on various other instruments. All fairly substantial pieces for students of any age. Great as performance pieces.

Difficulty Level - Grade 2-4                          Price - £7.00 


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